Kris De Young

“Painter of Native Plants” Kris’ love of the natural world permeates her paintings. She has a BA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego and has been studying native plants since the late 1970’s. For more information contact her at [email protected] LAGUNA WOODS ART GALLERY NOTES…The artwork by Kris de Young is a delightful collection of … Read more

Richard Moren

  Richard Moren Richard Moren: An Odyssey from Architecture to Ceramic Art In the world of ceramics and sculpture, few artists meld the ancient with the modern as seamlessly as Richard Moren. His work, defined by intricate textures and unparalleled compositions, transports viewers across millennia, bridging the gap between age-old civilizations and contemporary design. Childhood … Read more

Anni Rappaport

 About the Artist Artist and Portrait Teacher Nestled within the tranquil settings of the Village, lives an artist whose story is both inspiring and emblematic of the age-old adage: passion knows no bounds. Annie Rappaport, a distinguished artist, and portrait teacher, has been passionately immersed in the world of art since she could grasp a … Read more

Joan Scully

Joan Scully After a wonderful life of raising kids and a forty year career in the private sector…..I am celebrating ‘retirement’ and the blessings that Laguna Woods provides us. Bravo–the opportunity to just be a creative child and try a little bit of everything. Painting, Ceramics, sculptural Jewelry and adventures in the Woodshop all beckon. … Read more

Amelia Carrie

I like creating “USEFUL ART”.  I place my art on everything from invitations to coffee mugs. Below are a few of my shops where I create designs for products and gifts.    AZEZ GIFTS, Glitter Invitations, Memorial Gift Shop, TreeofLifeShop   One of my favorite things to create are trees…   I take some of my tree … Read more