Kris De Young

“Painter of Native Plants”

Kris’ love of the natural world permeates her paintings. She has a BA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego and has been studying native plants since the late 1970’s.

For more information contact her at [email protected]

The artwork by Kris de Young is a delightful collection of floral and nature-themed paintings, showcasing a vibrant use of colors and detailed brushwork. Each piece is thoughtfully composed, with a clear focus on the beauty and intricacy of natural subjects, ranging from delicate flowers to majestic landscapes and wildlife.

The variety in Kris’s art is impressive, covering a spectrum from detailed close-ups of flowers—where the texture of the petals and play of light can almost be felt—to broader landscape scenes that capture the serene beauty of nature. The use of color is particularly striking, with vivid hues that bring each scene to life, suggesting not only a deep appreciation for the natural world but also a mastery of the medium.

Kris’s dual role as both an artist and a yoga teacher in Laguna Woods might also inform her artistic perspective, possibly infusing her work with a sense of calm and balance, qualities often sought in both yoga and art. Her paintings could be seen as an extension of her practice, a form of visual meditation that invites viewers to pause and connect with the natural world.