Joan Sheldon

A Little About Joan Sheldon My interest in Art and Painting started with realistic painting in oils when I was 19. Later I became more interested in Abstract painting with Acrylics. During my career as a builder and home designer, I spent more time drawing floorplans and elevations that didn’t leave me time to let … Read more

Monica Berg

We moved here about 2.5 years ago, mainly for all the wonderful activities. We both enjoy the long walks here, the pools, the gym, my husband took up archery and loves it and I cut stained glass. This piece is a hummingbird near a flower that I made here. 

Olga Grun

Olga Grun was born in Prague, Czech Republic.  Although Olga is a psychologist by trade she has always considered herself an artist, painting since she can remember. Her skills as a psychologist influence the atmosphere of her paintings which reflect the memories and wishes of many. She considers herself self-taught in combination with private lessons from Masters in … Read more

Marilyn DeLeo

  Laguna Woods Art Gallery is proud to showcase the dynamic and colorful paintings of Marilyn Deleo, one of our distinguished senior artists. Marilyn’s work captivates with its vivid colors and bold lines, reflecting a unique artistic vision that resonates with energy and life. Her paintings are a festival of hues and themes. From serene … Read more

Docia Reed

                      About the Artist After painting desert landscapes, still life and seascapes for 30+ years, I discovered abstract painting. While I still enjoy painting an occasional still life or seascape, abstract painting is my passion. I love bright yellows, reds (especially reds). I normally paint in acrylics, however do dabble … Read more

Caryl McCall

I am amazed with my ability to paint a straight line and the joy I get from creating each piece. After more than 7 years participating in the Ceramic Slipcasting Studio in Laguna Woods Village, I am astounded by the talented people who share my passion.  As a volunteer supervisor I am available to introduce … Read more

Marianne Champlin

Currently located in Laguna Beach, California Studio:  The Artists Studios 3251 Laguna Canyon Rd Unit C-1 Laguna Beach, CA 92651  760-580-0153 ​ Born:  Upland, California ​Education:  K-12 Pomona, California San Diego State University, BA and MA Casper College and University of Wyoming Numerous Art Workshops MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS  – Participant in American Impressionist Society Shows  – Solon … Read more

Bonnie Baller

About 8 years ago, I had every intention of starting a sculpting and pottery retirement hobby.  I walked in to the wrong studio…it was slipcasting (about which I knew nothing) and haven’t walked out.  I discovered my penchant for creating ceramics flourished in this facet of clay…wet slip poured into a mold.  It provides a foundation for me to re-form, … Read more

Penni Rubin

As an artist, Penni has painted hundreds of paintings of still lifes, landscapes, musical instruments, and flowers. Her artistic eye extends to the world of photography. As a teacher, Penni teaches and critiques water colors and photography in San Diego, California. She has had shows in and around Cleveland and suburbs as well as San … Read more