Marilyn DeLeo


Laguna Woods Art Gallery is proud to showcase the dynamic and colorful paintings of Marilyn Deleo, one of our distinguished senior artists. Marilyn’s work captivates with its vivid colors and bold lines, reflecting a unique artistic vision that resonates with energy and life.

Her paintings are a festival of hues and themes. From serene interiors to exuberant, abstract expressions, each canvas invites viewers into a deeply personal yet universally appealing world. Marilyn uses color not just as a visual tool, but as a narrative device, weaving reds, blues, and yellows into stories that unfold across the canvas.

The collection features a range of subjects. One painting captures a tranquil moment of a woman reclined in a vibrantly patterned room, suggesting a narrative of quiet introspection. Another contrasts this with a lively social scene, where figures seem to engage with each other and the viewer, bringing the canvas to bustling life.

Marilyn’s work offers a compelling exploration of human emotion, space, and the intersections of private and communal experiences. Each piece is not only a visual delight but also an invitation to explore the layers of meaning within colors and shapes.

This exhibition is a testament to the creative spirit that thrives in Laguna Woods, and Marilyn Deleo’s art is a perfect example of the beauty and depth that senior artists bring to the world of art.