Anni Rappaport

 About the Artist

Artist and Portrait Teacher

Nestled within the tranquil settings of the Village, lives an artist whose story is both inspiring and emblematic of the age-old adage: passion knows no bounds. Annie Rappaport, a distinguished artist, and portrait teacher, has been passionately immersed in the world of art since she could grasp a pencil.

It was evident from her early days that Annie was destined for great artistic endeavors. At the tender age of eight, she had the honor of selling her first painting to the treasurer of the renowned Saks Fifth Avenue. A gesture that undoubtedly was a testament to her budding talent. Encouraged immensely by her parents, she honed her skills by taking private lessons in oils from the age of 13. Further nurturing her talent, Annie attended several prestigious institutions, including the Chinouard Art Institute, Mills College, Otis Art Institute, and UCLA.

However, art was not the only field where Annie showcased her dedication and talent. Around nineteen, she embarked on a modeling career that spanned four decades. During this journey, she posed for illustrious artists like John Altoon, John Paul Jones, and Anita Delano, adding another dimension to her experience in the art world.

Six years ago, Annie and her husband, Stu, chose the Village as their new abode, moving from the scenic Mendocino. This move was also a homecoming of sorts to her art roots, as she soon joined the Village’s Art Association. Her active participation and volunteering spirit quickly made her an invaluable part of the community. Whether it was signing in paintings for association shows or supervising the bustling art studio at Clubhouse 4 on Saturdays, Annie’s presence was always welcomed and appreciated.

Together with Patty Rook, Annie has been imparting her knowledge and techniques by teaching the portrait class for four years. Not just limited to instructing, she has also undertaken the task of finding the right models for the class, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all involved.

Her artistic spectrum doesn’t end with paints and portraits. Annie’s skills extend to the intricate world of quilting, a craft she’s been perfecting since 1999. Her quilts, exuding warmth and artistry, are sold at Ocean Quilts in Mendocino, California.

Annie Rappaport’s journey is a testament to her unwavering passion and commitment to art. Each brushstroke, each quilt pattern, and each lesson she imparts carries the weight of a life lived fully in the embrace of creativity. Her story continues to inspire budding artists in the Village and beyond, proving that art is not just a hobby but a way of life.