Anni Rappaport

 About the Artist

Artist and Portrait Teacher
As soon as I could hold a pencil I became serious about art. The first painting I sold was to the treasurer of Saks Fifth Avenue when I was eight years old. My parents encouraged me and by age 13 I was taking private lessons in oils. I also took Saturday classes at Chinouard Art Institute and studied art at Mills College, Otis Art Institute and UCLA.

I started modeling about age nineteen to help support myself and kept it up until I turned sixty. I was privileged to pose for John Altoon, John Paul Jones, Anita Delano and many other famous portrait and figurative artists during that time.
My husband Stu and I moved into the Village six years ago from Mendocino and joined the Art Association. I started volunteering as needed; helped sign in the paintings at our association shows, and I am the Saturday afternoon supervisor at the art studio at
clubhouse 4. Together with Patty Rook I have been teaching the portrait class for four years with the additional responsibility of obtaining the models. In the past I was responsible for curating the hangings in clubhouses 1 and 3. I am also a quilter and sell them at Ocean Quilts in Mendocino California since 1999.