Laguna Woods Village Art Affair: A Showcase of Diverse Talents

In early June, Clubhouse 2 of Laguna Woods Village buzzed with artistic energy as it hosted the eighth annual Art Affair. A vibrant blend of artisans, from woodworkers and quilters to painters and jewelry makers, came together to celebrate their passion.

Outside, The Woods Combo serenaded guests with jazzy renditions, with Moqui Lund’s beautiful vocals lighting up classics like “Summertime.” Inside, the club was alive with art displays and stories from creators sharing the joy behind their creations.

Highlights included:

  • Christine Kelly’s woodworking journey, inspired by classes at Orange Coast College.
  • Engineer-turned-woodworker Ami Gilad’s meticulously crafted miniature guitar and golf cart.
  • Frank Irving’s Sam Maloof-inspired mid-century modern rocking chairs.
  • Georgie “Gigi” Hackford’s innovative approach, painting feminine faces on clay flower pots.
  • Jim Breck’s pastel artworks, so lifelike they could be mistaken for photographs.
  • Judy Redner’s evocative oil paintings of seascapes, ships, and flowers.
  • Tim Hahne’s surreal watercolor trees and sea creatures, aiming to depict the beauty of God’s creation.
  • Eva Altmann’s striking, hard-edged collages, reminiscent of Piet Mondrian.
  • Donna Karbach’s introduction to the philanthropic efforts of the Crazy Quilters of Laguna Woods, creating quilts for various charitable causes.
  • Margo Flynn’s dramatic jewelry pieces, evoking the bold style of Iris Apfel.

The event also highlighted Jim Gibson, the featured artist of the affair. Known for his equine portraits, he unveiled his memoir of Vietnam service, merging his combat medic experiences into touching paintings.

The Art Affair beautifully encapsulated the rich artistic spirit of Laguna Woods Village, proving that creativity knows no bounds.