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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to exhibit your art, please contact us at or leave a message with our voicemail. (949) 484-5388
The Laguna Woods Art Gallery showcases the talents of the outstanding artists from Laguna Woods, Ca.
Laguna Woods Art Gallery was created by Amelia Carrie. She provides advertising and marketing services for artists. From creating websites and flyers to promoting your business. If you need help promoting yourself, you can contact
The Laguna Woods Art Gallery is open to all Laguna Woods Residents. It doesn't matter if your a homeowner, renter, or, just come to Laguna Woods part time as a snowbird, or summerbird. You are welcome to display your art here.
We would be happy to display your art for sale, add a price as well as your contact information. However, we do not act as an intermediary.